2021 Telecom Industry Report
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15 september 2021

Skyward unveils Global Telecom Industry Survey results

Managed Services
This year’s Global Telecom Industry Survey addresses the topic of the outsourcing function in telecom. Is it gaining traction or becoming redundant? What factors does this choice depend on? What are the key requirements placed on outsourcing companies?

In an attempt to answer these questions, we turned to telecom carriers of all sizes and ages from EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. Nowadays, the market of voice and messaging services has long passed the phase of rapid growth and technological breakthroughs. Consumption of basic services is not in high demand anymore, and clients switch easily between telecom vendors. It seems only logical that in such circumstances carriers should be willing to outsource the routine side of business and focus on customer relations instead.

And yet, when asked directly, the majority of respondents are not ready to outsource their business functions. Only 13% of respondents react favourably to this idea, while twice that amount (26%) say that they already have an outsourcing partner. Besides, another 13% believe that technical and NOC issues could be outsourced. As a matter of fact, these two business functions appear to be the most favored for outsourcing with 43% and 39% of all votes.

In spite of the fact that most telecom carriers are not willing to transfer their operational activities to a third-party service provider, they do experience issues that affect their business performance. Commercial issues appear to be the main pain point for the majority of respondents (83%). The second most popular inconvenience experienced by 61% of telecom providers are technical issues like setting up telecom equipment and network. Almost all carriers facing technical difficulties experience NOC issues, e.g. processing customer requests, traffic monitoring, traffic routing, etc.
In terms of the advantages that an in-house department offers over a dedicated outsourcing team, “Full control over work processes” and “High level of confidentiality” are important for 86% and 79% of respondents, respectively. This, in our opinion, is what lies at the core of a tough dilemma: the lack of in-house staff competence sways operators in favor of outsourcing, yet the fear to lose full control over the work process is holding them back from this decision.
From where we stand, this dilemma is an empty shell. In fact, partnership with a managed services provider guarantees telecom carriers professional assistance by top-notch technical experts and allows them to concentrate fully on a more complex task of attracting and retaining customers. In short, the primary goal of outsourcing for any business is to ensure operational efficiency while obtaining game-changing results.
Sergey losev, CEO of Skyward
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