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Skyward’s business development strategy triggers brand transformation

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Skyward, an established provider of technical on-demand services, has unveiled its redesigned website along with an extended product line and a new brand identity. These changes stem from the company’s new business development strategy, based on the principles of agility and willingness to constantly improve for the benefit of the clients.

According to the strategy, Skyward’s core network operations center (NOC) competence now forms part of a comprehensive managed services package. Upon request, the company might complement the traditional VoIP and SMS NOC service with the traffic monitoring, telecom system configuration, and processes reengineering options. Offering an expert care of your telecom equipment and special attention to your traffic, the service may be customized to better suit your business needs.

Additionally, the updated product line includes high-end engineering capabilities, which manifests Skyward’s intention to enter the outsourced software development market. The newly offered reliability engineering and digital transformation services harness the potential of emerging technology and can be applied in projects requiring a different degree of complexity from automating routine operations to envisioning full-scale digital products.

Skyward possesses 10 years of expertise and a team of trained engineers available 24/7. Compared to other mid-size market players, Skyward stands out for its customized approach, transparent communication and fair prices. All of these ensure that the company’s clients get the best value for money.

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