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Skyward extends its service offering to include SMS NOC

Managed Services
Skyward announces to have launched cooperation with one of the key European players on the rapidly growing A2P messaging market. In the newly formed partnership, Skyward acts as a strategic provider of a full-featured NOC service and a developer of a distinctive monitoring system to control and protect SMS traffic.

Skyward’s 24/7 SMS NOC service includes traffic flow and system health monitoring, customer requests handling and Alaris SMS Platform administration. Skyward engineers have been closely working with Alaris Labs since 2015, therefore acquiring a great understanding of the platform’s peculiarities and clients’ business needs.

As part of the project, Skyward developed and deployed an SMS traffic monitoring system that allows controlling quality parameters of each customer and vendor. The company also played an active role in the design of business processes for the provision of NOC services, assisted the client in the selection and implementation of the Helpdesk system.

While traditional SMS is losing its ground in favor of IP messaging services, A2P solutions are considered the most effective and profitable marketing tools for business and finance handling. This is why fast and highly qualified service is crucial in this field.