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Company achievements in 2020

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As the New Year approaches, people tend to look back on their favourite memories. We asked the Skyward team members to share some of the moments that marked the company history in 2020.

Sergey Losev, Chief Executive Officer
For many businesses, 2020 will be remembered for the quarantine measures and remote work. For our company, this year also proved that the team approach adopted two years ago was the right choice. Working from different locations, we maintained a clear vision and stable service processes. Guided by common goals, we kept the usual level of team communication and personal commitment. Moreover, apart from performing routine tasks, we held endless online-meetings to discuss service improvements for every one of our clients and launch new projects. The results of this work is manifested in all the pleasant comments we received from our customers by the end of the year. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our colleagues for their dedicated work and to our clients for their trust and cooperation!

Artem Varakin, Chief Information Officer
Our company continues to provide telecom carriers with proprietary solutions that include both technical means and business process automation services. This year, we enriched Skyward SMS Monitoring System with detailed analysis of SMS traffic and advanced alerts and are currently working on spam and loop detection algorithms. To increase the work efficiency, our NOC engineers developed several tools that allow us to collect call statistics, analyze test results and notify vendors in case of issues. So good to know that our humble developments add value to our customers!

Aleksei Zakusov, Chief Business Development Officer
In 2020, almost every business talks about the hardships they face or shares a personal experience of handling a difficult situation. To be honest, every year in a small company like ours is full of challenges, so we are extremely good at overcoming them. Despite the hard times, we found courage to explore in an unknown direction - set up new business areas for development and embarked on the projects we had never imagined doing before. The decision to finally step out of the comfort zone and into the adventure zone was easier to make knowing how hardworking and skillful our team is. I am really proud of what has been achieved so far and glad to be part of this adventure!

Artem Serdyuk, Project Team Leader
In my opinion, the main achievement of our company is establishing our presence on the Internet. It is crucial to embrace the digital channels to communicate with current and potential customers for any service company in the current circumstances. This is why this year we devoted a lot of efforts to executing the corporate website rebranding and bringing to life our LinkedIn company page. I very much like the outlook the new website has with its appealing color pallet and minimalistic design.

Ivan Kuznetsov, Project Team Leader
One of the main achievements, I believe, is professional development of our employees. This year, Skyward engineers managed to deepen their technical and organizational knowledge, bringing in an increased level of quality to their projects. Some of them even mastered new technologies and, following the training on Python, introduced a number of improvements related to the work processes optimisation. I hope the growth of our employees will continue at the same pace next year!

Mikhail Serov, Project Team Leader
For me, the main achievement is the launch of new projects in the field of SMS telecom. First, a global VoIP operator we have been working with since 2012 offered us to become a NOC service provider for their SMS division. Another opportunity came from our new client in Australia - a novice SMS carrier with ambitious plans that encourage our team to think creatively and come up with new approaches. In addition, we carried out several smaller projects aimed to improve and develop the services delivered to our current clients.