The cutting-edge solution for evaluating the quality of VoIP routes opens up a more efficient way for transit carriers to conduct call testing

Audio Insight

Route quality testing for VoIP carriers

New level of efficiency in voice testing

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Audio Insight performs a comprehensive analysis of the audio stream in just minutes, making testing of VoIP routes more efficient than ever before. The advanced AI model scans recordings, provides a deep machine analysis, and detects instances of FAS, IVR, music, or live response. Listen to voice quality, read text scripts, and view call parameters for instant evaluation of the quality of your routes. Upgrade to Audio Insight and discover a new level of efficiency in voice testing.

Core Features
Initiate SIP calls to perform tests
SIP Support
Identify fraudulent call scenarios
FAS Detection
Determine the nature of answers (IVR, dead air, music, live response)
Audio Classification
Listen to both billed and unbilled parts, evaluate voice quality
RBT and Voice Record
Estimate PDD, ASR and other route parameters
Call Statistics
Forward test results to your partners
Test Sharing
Key Benefits
Voice Transcription
Converting audio into text format for understanding call content without listening; translating messages from any language into English
Built-In AI
Utilizing machine learning to provide a highly accurate audio classification algorithm, ensuring reliable detection of fraudulent calls
One-by-One Testing
Employing small capacity and simulating human behavior for the optimal sequence of making calls, tailored to the specifics of your routes
Predefined Phone Numbers
Loading the list of numbers that can later be used to test the selected VoIP direction
Get test results right away without listening to audio
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