Keep your traffic profile clean with machine learning powered solution by automatically detecting malicious and phishing threats on live traffic

Spam Detection System

Anti-Spam protection for SMS carriers

New word in live spam detection

Spam Detection System (SDS) is an industry-leading solution that helps transit operators identify and take action against low quality traffic, ensuring the safety of their routes. The system natively integrates with any operator platform. It allows to obtain message class information during the routing process (similar to HLR way) for further use or fully block spam traffic upon detection.

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Perform real-time analysis and automatically detect spam
Online SMS processing
Monitor traffic profile and system performance
Dashboards and reports
Train the system using only 1000 SMS samples
Multi-language support
Get notified about spam campaigns detected
Alerting and notifications
Core Features
Key Benefits
No human involved
Fully automatic solution requiring only initial configuration
High Accuracy
Machine Learning technologies to analyze the traffic patterns of your customers for adapting to new phishing schemes
Native Integration
Flexible API to provide effortless configuration process
High Performance
Less than a second delay for live traffic
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