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Customers place high value on services provided by Skyward

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The satisfaction of our clients has always been one of our key metrics. To keep track of how our efforts are perceived by the business partners, we conduct an annual customer survey. Among 25 participants that filled out the survey at the end of 2020, all are highly satisfied with the service quality and evaluate the importance of the provided services at 4.9 out of 5.0.

The comprehensive assessment by Skyward uses an integral indicator of satisfaction comprising 10 parameters related to service quality and engineering performance. As of December 2020, the measurements of this indicator vary from client to client between 4.4 and 4.9 points with a maximum score of 5.0. These high results are attributed to Skyward’s customized business approach, personal attitude, and open communication.

In 2020, the survey was utilized to rank different components of Skyward’s managed services offering. The top customer choices are: handling account managers’ requests via messengers – 5.0 points; processing traffic issues at Helpdesk – 4.9 points. Traffic and health system monitoring services also form an essential part of the NOC offering with 4.3 and 4.2 points respectively.

The year-end survey results demonstrate that our clients continue to have a positive experience working with our engineers, evaluating their technical competence at 4.8 and their understanding of customer business specifics at 4.7 points. We appreciate the work done by the Skyward team and thank our customers for their confidence in our partnership. We will use the collected comments and suggestions for further improvement of our services.

Proudly sharing some of the customer feedback:

Working with Skyward engineers we enjoy consistent, high quality performance. The team is very pleasant and enjoyable to work with. Responses are always prompt and tasks are finished efficiently and quickly.
– Whitney Skaalerud, RSCom