• real-time verification of every SMS message
  • automatic blocking of unsolicited traffic
  • maximizing margin for SMS providers

Skyward SMS Antifraud

Ensuring spam-free SMS routes

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Numerous A2P SMS providers have direct connections with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), which are typically the most profitable routes. Offering A2P services for enterprise customers, they can also receive traffic from SMS aggregators. However, in case of transmitting low-quality traffic like fraud, phishing, or spam, they run the risk of losing their profitable routes as MNOs may block them.
Unsolicited messages sent to a large number of end-users, often resulting in complaints to the operator
Fraud traffic managed by SSA
Skyward SMS Antifraud (SSA) is a cloud-based solution that helps A2P SMS providers protect their valuable routes by checking all SMS messages instantly and automatically blocking any suspicious traffic.
Messages with casino or betting content, restricted or prohibited
based on country regulations
Messages sent by attackers
in an attempt to obtain
confidential user data
What makes SSA different and beneficial

traffic processing without interrupting message flow
Scalable MPS
for handling large traffic volume without causing delays
Automatic detection
and blocking of low-quality traffic without human intervention
Machine Learning (ML)
algorithms for adapting to changing fraud traffic patterns
Fast and easy integration
with any SMS platforms by using the HTTP protocol
Multi-language support
and quick retraining of the ML model to add new languages
SSA unlimited test drive

What SSA offers for A2P SMS providers
Saving the coverage area
by preventing direct routes from being blocked by MNO's
due to low-quality traffic
when the operator charges the sender for messages that are blocked
100% margin on blocked traffic
High market reputation
by taking active steps
to address unsolicited
and illegal traffic issues

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