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Setting Priorities for 2024: Gain Inspiration from Our Skyward Team!

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In the business world, having reliable and dependable guidance is crucial for achieving success. It ensures that you stay on the right track and avoid any detours that may hinder your progress. That's why, as we kick off the new year, we reached out to our CEO Sergey Losev to share his insights on the Skyward team's top priorities for 2024.
What are the top corporate priorities of Skyward in 2024?
The company's primary focus continues to be providing top-notch service to our esteemed clients, the telecom carriers. According to the recent annual survey, an impressive 85% of participants recognize the pivotal role our service plays in propelling their business growth. We are committed to upholding this trust and exceeding expectations in all aspects of our service delivery.
If a company is already at the forefront of service quality, what steps can it take to become even better?
This year, our focus is on implementing a Data-Driven approach and digitalization of our service processes. The key task of the NOC (Network Operations Center) service is to ensure prompt and high-quality processing of requests and proactive problem-solving. We have defined the main stages of the NOC process and identified its key metrics such as response time, investigation period, waiting time, ticket lifetime (TLT), etc.

By implementing digital tools, we will be able to track the status of each request at every stage, identify causes of delays, and respond promptly. Real-time progress tracking and dashboards will enable us to monitor the overall dynamics and stability of the request processing process. Our objectives include achieving 98% stability in the NOC process, reducing TLT by 25%, and resolving 80% of customer requests within 24 hours.
Providing NOC services to telecom carriers is the company's traditional activity. Are there plans to diversify business directions in 2024?
Certainly! Last year, we introduced the Spam Detection System, a solution for detecting and blocking fraud traffic for SMS aggregators. This system has already been implemented on several operators’ networks, processing up to 50 million SMS per month and improving margins by 3-5% on protected routes. Our current focus is on enhancing the accuracy of spam detection to 99% and migrating the system to the cloud for better scalability and stability.

We are also developing an Artificial Intelligence Traffic (AIT) identification system, which is set to launch in the first quarter. Our aim is to create an intelligent SMS traffic routing system that can analyze incoming message flows based on key parameters such as traffic type, legitimacy and compliance with local operator requirements. To study industrial trends and better understand the needs of SMS carriers, we are planning to conduct a large-scale research, the results of which will be published.
How do you plan to achieve such significant results?
This is our third key priority for 2024. We are prioritizing employee development and investing in their technical and organizational skills. Currently, we are developing professional training programs and expanding mentoring practices to ensure the promotion and career growth of at least 60% of our employees within a year. This is supported not only by the individual aspirations of our colleagues but also by the Agile approaches such as OKR and Scrum, as well as the development of self-managed teams.

Additionally, we will update our company's vision and values and foster a culture of trust by involving as many employees as possible in the renewal process.
Thank you for sharing your strategic plans for 2024. I hope to see strong employee engagement and successful goal attainment in your company.
— Daria Gorbacheva, Marketing Specialist