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Skyward Unveils Audio Insight for VoIP Wholesale Carriers

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Skyward, an established provider of telecom products and services, is proud to announce its latest innovation, Audio Insight. This cutting-edge solution is specifically designed for wholesale carriers, offering them a fast and convenient way to assess the quality of VoIP routes. Powered by machine learning algorithms, Audio Insight analyzes media data and call parameters to determine the nature of audio. The tool allows users to listen to call recordings and read their transcriptions to evaluate voice quality and verify audio classification accuracy.
The issue of low-quality VoIP routes and call fraud continues to be a major concern for voice carriers worldwide. In their pursuit of higher revenue, vendors may offer routes that fail to meet the required ASR and ACD values. They may even charge for non-established connections or intentionally increase call duration. Conducting tests and performing quality checks can be both costly and time-consuming for carrier NOC staff. Therefore, having automated tools to streamline these activities is essential for improving efficiency.
Audio Insight automates several key processes, including
  • making test calls based on SIP,
  • analyzing and classifying call audio,
  • transcribing call answers into written messages,
  • sharing testing results with partners.
Previously, these operations were primarily performed manually. However, the modern capabilities of artificial intelligence have made these processes faster and more accurate. By analyzing media data, the solution can identify the nature of the call audio, such as live response, FAS, IVR, music, dead air, and more.
Call recordings are divided into two segments: before and after connection, or billed and unbilled parts. To save time on listening to recorded audio, users can review transcriptions. Regardless of the call language, the transcriptions will be presented in English, significantly accelerating the testing process, especially for international carriers.
Unlike other tools, Audio Insight allows making calls one by one, simulating manual attempts and avoiding complaints from partners about automatic tests. It also reduces capacity consumption, which is particularly important for low-capacity routes. Based on the conducted tests, carriers receive statistics on ASR and PDD, enabling them to assess route quality and make informed decisions on further cooperation with vendors.
After ten years of close work with VoIP operators, we have gained a deep understanding of their needs and the challenges they face. Audio Insight is a solution that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence to simplify the routine process of evaluating VoIP routes quality. Initially developed for our NOC engineers, we are excited to introduce this solution to the open market after adding new functionality and ensuring its stability. We believe that it will bring significant benefits to all wholesale carriers.
– Sergey Losev, CEO at Skyward
To learn more about Audio Insight and request a trial version, please send an email to or visit the product page at our website.