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Skyward works from home at times of global COVID-19 outbreak

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While the pandemic of a new Coronavirus disease is spreading, we at Skyward are taking precautions to keep our team safe and sustain the quality of the work delivered to our clients. Following the measures recommended by the World Health Organization and Russian state officials, we are switching to remote work for an extended period of time.

No need to worry, even from our home offices we continue to maintain the high quality of service. Here are some of the tips that help us work productively:
  • Weekly online meetings to overview the work progress and address potential roadblocks;
  • Regular team meetings to discuss project-specific issues;
  • Remote training sessions to improve the existing and obtain new technical skills;
  • Real-time visual dashboard to monitor each team’s results.

This year has brought new challenges to the world economy in general and B2B sector in particular. However, we understand that it is important to stay isolated now in order for the situation go back to normal later.

We hope that you and your family are staying safe and extend the words of support to everyone who is struggling in these hard times.