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Skyward develops a chatbot for VoIP traffic monitoring

Managed Services
Wholesale VoIP carriers have always made traffic quality their top concern when choosing a traffic vendor. Another priority for them is a swift and efficient response to traffic issues. To satisfy these expectations, Skyward’s experts have developed a chatbot and integrated it into the routine work of their clients. The application allows account managers to monitor statistics on key routes and receive real-time alerts via Skype.

To start using the сhatbot by Skyward, managers simply need to select the routes for monitoring and set up thresholds for voice traffic: ASR and ACD. The application connects to a VoIP switch via API and provides real-time monitoring of the selected parameters. If one of the monitored parameters goes below the set up limit, a chatbot immediately notifies the involved parties by generating a notification in a group Skype chat. This feature allows the vendor to proactively solve the issue and keeps the carrier informed on all the ups and downs of the business.

Using the application by Skyward has greatly simplified the work routine for our managers. This tool helps us track the efficiency of our vendors and interfere in case some issue has been unattended for too long.
– Evgeny Sannikov, Manager at RSCom

An important feature of the chatbot by Skyward is its integration with the Alaris inVoice billing system. Due to this, apart from tracking a route quality, the app can be used to block a vendor in question and distribute the remaining traffic among the rest of the routes. Moreover, the application can detect the phone numbers that generate repetitive failed call attempts. In most cases, this indicates that the traffic is being generated artificially, which is usually frowned upon by vendors. The chatbot can be set to automatically block repetitive phone numbers and notify the vendor about it.

Our team’s mission is not just to process client requests but to do it in the most efficient way possible. Various work processes automation tools designed by our engineers allow us to swiftly respond to traffic issues and help our clients increase their business margin.
– Artem Serdyuk, Project Team Leader at Skyward