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Updated SLA Standard

Managed Services
In line with our commitment to continually enhancing the quality of customer service, our company has recently updated the SLA standard for delivering NOC services. The aim is to provide clear and adaptable descriptions of both parties' commitments, ensure transparency throughout the request fulfillment process, and prioritize key business metrics.
The key components of the updated SLA standard include:
  • Scope of Service: Clearly defining our company's obligations to clients, outlining the categories of tasks to be addressed, and detailing the main steps for their completion.

  • Means of Communication: Offering clients and their partners flexibility in selecting communication channels with our company, taking into account business requirements and evolving circumstances.

  • Prioritization: Coordinating the sequence of request fulfillment to concentrate on clients' primary objectives and business growth.

  • Workflow: Ensuring maximum transparency during each request's fulfillment process, enabling real-time monitoring, and gathering essential metrics.

  • Indicators (SLI): Providing assurances of service quality, establishing clear expectations for response and resolution times, and promptly addressing any deviations.

  • Escalation: Offering operational feedback at every management level and updating the current SLA standard as needed.
What Comes Next?
We've initiated a digital transformation project for NOC services, enabling real-time tracking of pertinent data for each request (Data-Driven Approach), visualizing information via dashboards, and making informed decisions when deviations occur (Deviation Management). Rest assured, we'll be sharing the outcomes of our innovations with our valued clients and subscribers.