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Skyward Revolutionizes SMS Security with Skyward SMS Antifraud

Fraud Detection
Skyward, a renowned provider of telecom products and services, is proud to announce the rebranding of its cutting-edge solution for combating SMS spam traffic. The product formerly known as Spam Detection System has now been transformed into Skyward SMS Antifraud. This rebranding comes as a result of the solution's enhanced functionality and its ability to address a wider range of scenarios.
Skyward SMS Antifraud (SSA) is an innovative product designed for A2P SMS providers, offering real-time verification of low-quality SMS traffic. By analyzing each message, calculating the likelihood of fraud, and automatically blocking suspicious content, SSA ensures a clarity of SMS traffic. It provides an astonishing accuracy rate of up to 98%, which is made possible through the implementation of powerful machine learning algorithms and continuous training on emerging fraud patterns.
The upgraded functionality of SSA enables the identification of three primary types of low-quality SMS traffic: phishing, spam, and gambling. By swiftly detecting and blocking such content, SSA helps operators maintain the integrity of their networks and protect end-users from potential threats, including being blocked by their partners, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).
One of the key advantages of SSA is its seamless integration with any SMS platform by utilizing the HTTP protocol without disrupting the traffic flow. With a modular cloud architecture and virtually unlimited scalability, SSA offers a high MPS rate and minimal delays in message transmission. Additionally, the solution currently supports four major languages, catering to a diverse range of users.
We are constantly in contact with leading SMS providers, which keeps us informed about their real concerns and needs. This is the main driver in the development of our solution. By employing advanced fraud detection techniques and tailored algorithms, Skyward ensures that operators can effectively combat low-quality traffic and protect their networks and increase margin
- Artem Suzdaltsev, Product Manager at Skyward
For more information on Skyward SMS Antifraud, including its features and a free trial version, please visit the product page or contact us at Join us in the fight against SMS fraud and safeguard your network with Skyward's innovative solution.