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Gambling Traffic Control with Skyward SMS Antifraud

Fraud Detection
Skyward, a leading provider of products and services for telecom carriers, is excited to announce the latest update to Skyward SMS Antifraud. Along with detecting phishing and spam, the newest version now offers the ability to detect and block gambling traffic, helping operators comply with regulatory requirements.
In many countries, sending gambling-related traffic is restricted or prohibited by law. Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and many European states have strict regulations on advertising casinos, bookmakers, gambling websites and apps. Violations can lead to heavy fines or even the suspension of SMS providers' activitу. This is especially challenging for SMS aggregators operating in multiple countries, often unaware of the nuances of national regulations and facing negative consequences for their business as a result.
The new features of Skyward SMS Antifraud (SSA) provide a simple and convenient way to identify and block illegal gambling traffic. This functionality can be activated for traffic from selected countries, with algorithms tailored to each country's specifics. SSA also allows creation of "white lists" for organizations whose gambling services advertising is officially permitted, enabling SMS operators to protect themselves from potential violations.
SSA utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms that check each SMS message in real-time for gambling content. Training on a wide range of patterns and metadata analysis ensures a 96-98% accuracy in detecting illegal traffic. This approach virtually eliminates the likelihood of complaints from end-users and minimizes the risk of key routes being blocked by MNO operators.
Our company has set an ambitious goal of eliminating spam traffic in telecom networks. We are working on capabilities that allow our flagship solution, SSA, to recognize various types of low-quality SMS traffic and the detection of gambling content is a prime example. It is important for us to provide a secure telecom environment for our clients and end-users.
– Artem Serdyuk, Lead Developer of Skyward SMS Antifraud
For more information on Skyward SMS Antifraud, including its features and a free trial version, please visit the product page or contact us at Join us in the fight against SMS fraud and safeguard your network with Skyward's innovative solution.