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Spam Detection System Enhanced with Management Interface

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A significant milestone has been achieved in the development of the Spam Detection System with the integration of a management interface. This interface enables users to monitor statistics on processed traffic and configure spam blocking criteria. Users can now view SMS messages classified as spam and set their own thresholds for message blocking.
The Spam Detection System (SDS) is an innovative solution for A2P SMS carriers, designed to safeguard the integrity of their traffic profile by preventing unsolicited messages. It employs real-time scanning of SMS flow and utilizes powerful machine learning algorithms to continuously improve the accuracy of spam detection.
The newly introduced SDS management interface consists of statistical and configuration units. The statistical unit provides users with comprehensive information on processed traffic, including a daily breakdown by country and sender. It displays the total number of processed SMS messages, the quantity and percentage of messages classified as spam, and the quantity and percentage of blocked messages. These statistics are presented in both tabular and graphical formats. Additionally, users can review the complete list of spam messages to ensure accurate classification.
Statistics of verified and blocked messages on the Spam Detection System
Statistics of verified and blocked messages on the Spam Detection System
The configuration unit of the management interface empowers users to customize the threshold for message blocking. If the spam probability score exceeds the defined threshold, the message will be blocked. Users have the flexibility to set different threshold values for each country, taking into account the specific requirements of each destination.
We are committed to providing our clients with a user-friendly and reliable solution to combat unsolicited traffic. Therefore, we continuously strive to improve the accuracy of spam detection and enhance the usability of the system. Today, we have enriched SDS with country-based rules, and in the future, we plan to incorporate content and time-based rules for even more adaptable management of SMS traffic
– Artem Serdyuk, Lead Developer of the Spam Detection System
Skyward expresses gratitude to all SDS users for their valuable feedback and suggestions. We would also like to remind interested companies that they can avail a free month of the SDS trial until the end of 2023 by filling out a feedback form on the product page or sending their request to