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Skyward introduces Spam Detection System for SMS carriers

Fraud Detection
The issue of spam traffic is becoming increasingly relevant for SMS carriers. It often leads to route blocking, violation of legislative norms, and loss of operator reputation. The innovative solution from Skyward allows for monitoring of SMS flow and real-time detection of fraudulent traffic for subsequent blocking.
The Spam Detection System (SDS) uses machine learning to create an effective algorithm capable of identifying spam messages with over 95% accuracy. The implemented approach allows for flexible handling of various traffic profiles and timely adaptation to new phishing schemes. To enhance accuracy, the system takes into account not only the message content but also metadata, including sender information and link authenticity.

SDS easily integrates with any SMS platforms, interacting with them via the HTTP protocol. Depending on the operating mode, the system either blocks further message transmission itself or returns a spam probability score. In the latter case, the platform makes a decision on further message processing based on its own settings and routing rules.

An important advantage of the system is streaming processing of SMS messages without significant delays. For example, with a flow of 100 MPS, the delay is less than one second. The distributed architecture of the solution allows not only for unlimited scalability but also ensures high reliability at a level of 99.9999%.

The first version of SDS supports three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Thanks to a well-thought-out training process, the system can learn to work with a new language in just a week with 300-500 examples.
Thanks to our many years of collaboration with telecom carriers, we understand the high costs that the industry incurs from phishing traffic. SDS allows operators to automatically filter traffic and protect their key routes. By being able to process flow in real-time, SMS carriers can quickly respond to the appearance of spam and block it, minimizing negative consequences for their business.
– Artem Suzdaltsev, Product Manager at Skyward

To obtain additional information about the Spam Detection System or request a trial account, please use the feedback form or send a request to You can also test the system's effectiveness on real examples using the special form on the product page.