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New Way to Fight with Spam for SMS Carriers

Fraud Detection
Skyward's Spam Detection System (SDS) is revolutionizing the fight against gambling, phishing, and unsolicited traffic. Developed as a universal solution for any SMS carrier, the SDS has managed to demonstrate impressive results in protecting the routes of our customers.
SDS is a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with any SMS platform and uses AI algorithms to scan SMS traffic in real time with virtually no delays
The way SDS works:
Once implemented on an SMS carrier's routes, the system automatically activates its advanced AI algorithms to detect and block malicious traffic. Most importantly, in case of necessity, the system automatically blocks these messages without delay, preventing the carrier from losing its validated routes, which would otherwise be blocked by the partners (MNO) due to traffic contamination. Such aforementioned measures help to maintain the quality of the carrier's routes and preserve its margins.
Main results:
The Spam Detection System is currently implemented on several active customers' networks in the following destinations: Australia, France, New Zealand, and the UK. Based on the results of the previous month's analysis, the system successfully processed 715k messages and detected 47k suspicious messages. (Figure 1: a).
Identifying Phishing Attempts and Low-Quality Traffic:
The real game-changer lies in the SDS's ability to pinpoint 31k messages as pure phishing attempts or low-quality traffic, often indicative of fraud activities. This includes notorious spammy content such as "male enhancement supplies." Furthermore, the system has observed a considerable amount (about 16k) of gambling-related messages that are considered illegal traffic (Figure 1: b).
Figure 1
Considered Accuracy Rate:
SDS's verification process boasts an impressive 93% accuracy rate for malicious customer traffic. This high level of accuracy, together with the high volume of messages processed, translates to improved margins for our clients, with an average increase of 3-5%.
Skyward takes pride in their achievements but remains committed to continuous improvement. Our dedicated team is constantly refining algorithms and striving to enhance accuracy even further. Customers can expect more exciting updates in the future.
To learn more about SDS, please visit the product page.