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Skyward Expands Spam Detection System to Include Portuguese Language

Fraud Detection
Skyward, an established provider of telecom services and solutions, is excited to announce that its Spam Detection System will now support the Portuguese language. With English, French, and Spanish already included, the latest version of the solution will cover over 30% of the world's population and a comparable share of global SMS traffic.
In recent years, the prevalence of text spam has been increasing due to various factors, such as the shift from email to short messages, COVID-19 pandemic measures, and social governmental initiatives that create fertile ground for fraud. Experts estimate that fraudulent traffic, including smishing, spoofing, and AIT, may account for up to 15% of the weekly volume of SMS aggregators, and this number continues to grow.
The Spam Detection System (SDS) utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and block spam traffic in real-time. It seamlessly integrates with any SMS platform, providing a secure experience for operators and their customers. By expanding SDS to include Portuguese, Skyward aims to make its solution even more valuable to a larger number of SMS carriers and protect them from the industry-wide problem of spam.
We closely monitor key trends in the SMS industry and understand the challenges faced by operators. Our solutions are constantly evolving to ensure greater relevance and compliance with their business objectives.
– Artem Suzdaltsev, Product Manager at Skyward
To further enhance the functionality of SDS and gain deeper insights into the needs of SMS carriers, Skyward is currently seeking volunteers to participate in in-depth interviews. By actively involving industry professionals, we aim to expand the capabilities of our solution, making it even more valuable and effective. Join us in combating SMS spam and ensuring a secure messaging experience for all!
To participate in the in-depth interviews, please contact us at Each participant will receive a one-month free trial of the Spam Detection System.