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Skyward increases team efficiency with Management 3.0 concept

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Teamwork has been and will continue to be a key value at Skyward. Apart from covering the theoretical aspect of a highly efficient team, modern management techniques allow to lay out a practical approach to building one. In February, Skyward held a two-day workshop on effective teamwork practices in the workplace.

One of Skyward’s know-hows that help to deliver excellent customer service and increase operational efficiency is working in Agile teams. Engineering teams have been using Scrum for the last 3 years to ensure continuous improvement of NOC services provided by the company. Each team collects and analyzes feedback, introduces modifications and monitors their efficiency for every major client. With management processes becoming more complex, team leaders started to feel the need of implementing new techniques to manage the teams.

A two-day workshop based on Management 3.0 concept by Jurgen Appelo advocates the approach of developing a team as a system and not a group of individuals. At a first glance, the complexity of this system does not leave enough room for management but, due to its adaptability, such management is not required. An important task for the team leader is to enable conditions that promote development, motivate team members to achieve common goals and help them make tough calls. In the course of the workshop we explored different hands on techniques that may help us rapidly grow self-managed teams through empowering the team, developing core competence, and fostering communication.

One of the top priorities for our company is to improve and extend our customer service offering. At the same time we are constantly looking for ways to increase our efficiency and optimize resources. The team approach we have opted for is an ideal tool to satisfy both requirements, which explains why we dedicate undivided attention to its implementation. It is a pleasure to see team leaders develop new skills that result in team competence growth for all our employees.
– Sergey Losev, CEO at Skyward

As of today, Skyward continues to adopt the self-managed team approach and utilize Agile methodology for project management.